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Dear New Teacher, Congratulations! You earned your diploma and New York State Certification. You’ve landed a job, and the beginning of your life as a school teacher will begin shortly. Having been in your shoes 17 years ago, I thought it would be a good time to share with you

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PICCS has spent the better part of our school year developing a process for Instructional Rounds in our cohort of schools. Several schools participated and really gravitated toward the work of improving instruction. It was eye-opening to find that many issues we face as principals in our own “houses” were shared

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It has been a very exciting few weeks for charter schools. With the usual criticism came a few bright spots, where lawmakers across the state took some time to listen to the “real story” of charters. In my last blog I talked about a group of community grown charter schools

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by Matthew Speno A vote to enact a moratorium on virtual charter schools by Maine lawmaker’s is just absurd.  Thankfully, Governor LePage has exercised his veto powers with regards to the recent antics from the Senate and House. Not able to secure the two-thirds majority to overturn the Governor’s veto,

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