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To implement the Common Core, you need to think in terms of 12 “shifts” that need to be made—6 in math and 6 in English language arts. In this blog entry, I’m going to focus on Common Core Shift 1: Balancing Informational and Literary Texts as it pertains to math.

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Schools are increasingly using data to guide decision-making, increase student achievement for all, and close learning gaps. As principals and teachers become more adept at converting the data into workable information, transforming that information into knowledge remains a big hurdle for many schools. In short, schools need to be careful

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Co-author: Kelsey Boivin, The Finance Project Technology permeates our daily lives. Everywhere we turn there is some new gadget on the market or a new application available for download. More importantly, these devices and software are revolutionizing how students are taught in schools and homes. As educators, it is impossible

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Well, you can’t have a school without students now, can you? Your enrollment policy is so important at this time because it must be reflective of what you put in the charter. Remember, you were chartered based on certain “promises” you made to the state/authorizer when you wrote the full

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By Bill Wilson & Joe Nathan After working in urban communities for a combination of more than 80 years, one of us serving as Minnesota’s State Commissioner of Human Rights and being elected first African American to serve as St. Paul’s City Council Chair, and helping produce major gains with

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