Working with Instructional Rounds

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Over the summer, we established peer groups among our staff that would support each other in between observation periods. In the hub-bub of getting curriculum set with our new internship schedule, and by putting together a program that is geared towards helping students pass the Regents exams, and begin adaptation of the modules from the… Read more »

Charter Schools are Ruining Public Education.(?)

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I cannot tell you how many times I hear this statement, see it in print, and watch people really buy into it, as if charter schools were the only reason that the breakdown in “public education” was happening to begin with.  I conducted a Google search of this statement, “charter schools are ruining public education.”… Read more »

This is harder than it looks!

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Well now that the first marking period is over, the students are settling in after Sandy, things are moving along, it’s time to take stock in exactly what is happening in the school, with the students collectively, and most importantly, with ourselves! This is HARD WORK!! Each week that passes it seems that the load… Read more »

The Things They Don’t Tell You…Part Two!

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Once upon a time there was a harried Principal and Executive Director that worked at their brand new school eighteen hours per day. They meticulously reviewed their pre-opening checklist from New York State, and met regularly to ensure that all of the items were “scratched off”. Way back in July, the Principal was tasked with… Read more »