Instructional Rounds at New Dawn

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Being transparent is a hard job. It means that you have to have the courage to acknowledge where your weak spots are. For a small transfer school with very large shoes to fill (cough*Wildcat*cough), it is no big secret that we are searching for the right potion to make our Regents scores work. The Instructional… Read more »

Working with Instructional Rounds

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Over the summer, we established peer groups among our staff that would support each other in between observation periods. In the hub-bub of getting curriculum set with our new internship schedule, and by putting together a program that is geared towards helping students pass the Regents exams, and begin adaptation of the modules from the… Read more »

Writing Lessons that Matter

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When I was teaching, I spent a good deal of time trying to squeeze all of my lesson plan ideas into those little boxes of the lesson plan book. We had to turn in our plans each week, and the principal would look at the plans and make comments (or not) and your book would… Read more »

And then, the students came.

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As with every school year, we can see a full adoption of the “new book bag syndrome” embrace us all. New outfits, shiny desk space, bright smiles (and I’m talking about the staff)! But then, like every school year, that sense of “new” and hope for success begins to fade. Last year, this was such… Read more »

And the Fretting Begins…Making Summer PD Last All Year

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We have concluded almost five weeks of professional development which included a year-long staff development plan that builds on the foundation of adult learning from the summer. As mentioned in my earlier blogs, we took a very systematic approach to building our plan for staff: begin with the analysis of data using the TERC framework,… Read more »