Instructional Rounds at New Dawn

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Being transparent is a hard job. It means that you have to have the courage to acknowledge where your weak spots are. For a small transfer school with very large shoes to fill (cough*Wildcat*cough), it is no big secret that we are searching for the right potion to make our Regents scores work. The Instructional… Read more »

More Common Core Myths to Bust

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I was having an email exchange with a very dear friend in Albany, and the conversation invariably turned to issues with the Common Core. My friend was telling me about how at a staff meeting a co-worker was going on and on about this whole conspiracy entrenched in the standards- from data mining to mind… Read more »

Beginning Year Two at New Dawn

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We just completed our first week of training at New Dawn Charter High School. With our new staff expansion, the issue of staff differentiation has surfaced in the development of our Professional Development plan. New Dawn is fortunate to be a part of the Partnership for Innovation in Compensation for Charter Schools (PICCS), a Teacher… Read more »

Increasing Rates of Promotion and Graduation at Codman Academy

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As a teacher and administrator at an urban charter school, my work – getting kids to complete a well-researched essay, helping them move on to the next grade, getting them ready for college – has always seemed urgent, and the challenges are almost always on my mind. They were on my mind one day last… Read more »