Maine – The Way a Charter School Should Be!

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I am sitting on the deck of a friends’ business overlooking the picturesque harbor of Camden Maine.  It is a blissful Maine day and I should be out hiking or paddling my canoe on the lake, for old man winter is just around the corner. But rather, I choose to sit here, albeit in the… Read more »

Beginning Year Two at New Dawn

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We just completed our first week of training at New Dawn Charter High School. With our new staff expansion, the issue of staff differentiation has surfaced in the development of our Professional Development plan. New Dawn is fortunate to be a part of the Partnership for Innovation in Compensation for Charter Schools (PICCS), a Teacher… Read more »

How to Obtain More Family Involvement!

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Wanted for this school year – more parent and family involvement, right?  It has been a frequent request for many years: “If we could just get families involved, more students would do better.”  According to Johns Hopkins University professor Joyce Epstein, the good news is that we already know how to produce it.  She created… Read more »