The Common Core, ELL’s and SWD’s: The ABC’s of Succeeding with CCSS

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I was at a round table event earlier this year discussing the Common Core and I was just shocked to find such passionate dissatisfaction with the new standards. One professional declared the standards “unavailable to K-2 learners” because they would not developmentally be able to achieve success in the standards for their age group. At… Read more »

Will the Leaders Please Stand Up & be Accountable for ELLs?

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There is a general consensus in education that in order to change the life trajectory of students in our schools teacher effectiveness is crucial.  Research done by Chetty, Friedman and Rockoff has shown that students who were taught by outstanding pedagogues (top 5%) increased their “cumulative lifetime income on average by $50,000.”  I agree that we should… Read more »